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                        Jan 12, 2020

                        Salt: what is it and what does it do to the body? (with Star Wars references!) // Telling Australians to stop drinking // Q&A with our listeners // YouTube cracks down on pseudomedicine


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                        Dec 22, 2019

                        One day, Trysha Gellis’ heart just stopped pumping blood. She lost consciousness and almost died… but CPR saved her life. Today, we hear her story and our medical experts explain what doctors do to investigate what went wrong with her heart on that day. Thankfully, it involves cute anesthesiologists.

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                        Dec 8, 2019

                        Drinking water: alkaline, thirst, bottled, lead // Interview with Olivier Bernard ( on vitamin C, harassment, and winning the John Maddox Prize // Vaping update: EVALI and popcorn lung


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